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Whether you’re watching a series finale with a couple of your closest friends or hosting an epic event for thousands of people, Hollywood Outdoor Movies has the screen for you to ensure that each of your guests doesn’t miss a minute of the action.

And, get crystal clear picture with projectors that deliver up to 15,000 lumens coupled with top quality speaker systems, to make each viewer feel like they’re actually in the movie, TV show, or at the big game!

Whatever the Event, We’ve Got You Covered!

The Epic

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100′ x 60′

Planning a huge festival or a major event? Broadcast live to ensure that everyone is in on the action when you highlight the act, game, or speaker on the biggest of screens!

Perfect for 7500+ People!

The Blockbuster

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80′ x 40′

Host huge drive-ins, give conference sponsors a way to advertise their products and services that attendees are sure to notice, and more with the Blockbuster!

Perfect for 5000-7500 People!

The Dynasty

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52′ x 26′

Take your outdoor movies to the next level with The Dynasty. Get the cash flowing with food trucks and ticket sales. Have licensing questions? We can help!

Perfect for 3000-5000 People!

The Box Office Smash

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40′ x 20′

Watch the big game on away days. Be a part of it all at large events and festivals. Get a close-up experience, even from miles away, with the Box Office Smash!

Perfect for 1500-3000 people!

The Premiere

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30′ x 17′

Ideal for corporate and organizational events. Host a drive-in, show a movie at the company picnic, and more with the Premiere!

Perfect for 750-1500 People!

The Cult Classic

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24′ x 13′

Bring students closer together with family nights at school, build communities with movie nights for local governments, and more with the Cult Classic!

Perfect for 500 – 750 People!

The Red Carpet

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20′ x 11′

Add live broadcasts to your wedding. Drive more traffic to your Farmer’s Market. Screen a movie on your next birthday and more with The Red Carpet!

Perfect for 250 – 500 People!

The Backyard Party

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16′ x 9′

Pop a movie screen up by your public pool, watch a movie or the big game in your own backyard, and more with the Backyard Party!

Perfect for 100 – 250 People!

The Conference

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Get crystal clear clarity for slideshow presentations at your expo or watch the championship game or show inside on the big screen with the Conference!

Perfect for 5 – 100 People!

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